Professional Outdoor Lighting by Onyx Landscape

When night falls, custom outdoor lighting boosts safety, preventing your family and friends from falling as they navigate your property. Onyx Landscape works with every customer to design an outdoor lighting system that illuminates every dark area without using excess electricity. Choose lights that switch on at a specific time, or install motion-sensor lighting to deter intruders. 

Boost Safety with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a critical role in boosting safety on your property by illuminating pathways, driveways, and outdoor living areas. Custom lighting reduces the chance of a family member or guest tripping and falling as they navigate stairs and walkways. Well-lit entrances and outdoor stairs ensure safe navigation for residents and guests, minimizing the chance of accidents. 

Strategically placed spotlights and floodlights can minimize vandalism and improve overall security by illuminating potential hiding spots around the property. Outdoor lighting contributes to a safer and more secure outdoor environment for homeowners and visitors alike.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

You can choose one type of lighting or a combination to create the feel and look you want for your property as night falls. 

  • Path Lights: Installing path lights along your driveway, walkway, and even garden paths. This keeps you and your guests safe as you walk around your property in the evening. You can choose solar powered lights that turn on at sundown so you don’t have to remember to turn them on.
  • Deck and Step Lights: Walking up steps in the dark is never safe. A lighting design with lights illuminating the way onto your deck and throughout the space creates a cozy ambience and prevents accidents.
  • Garden Lights: Your garden looks beautiful in natural sunlight. Garden lights give the space a whole different feel as the sun goes down. You can continue to garden as the temperature cools, or show your prize plants to friends.
  • Spotlights: Spotlights can be strategically placed to illuminate dark areas of your property. You can choose to put them on a timer, turn them on manually, or install motion sensors. 

Highlight Your Landscape Design with Outdoor Lighting

In addition to boosting safety, outdoor lighting also enhances the beauty of your landscape design as the sun sets:

  • Highlight Architectural Features: Custom lighting highlights the architectural features of your home, such as facades, columns, and entryways, adding depth and visual interest to your home’s exterior.
  • Accentuate Landscape Elements: Landscaping elements such as trees, shrubs, and garden beds look striking under custom lighting, creating dramatic focal points for your outdoor space.
  • Create Ambiance: A custom lighting design sets the mood for your outdoor gatherings and creates the perfect ambiance for your outdoor living areas, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening hours.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Onyx Landscape

Outdoor lighting keeps your family and guests safe during evening hours. Custom lighting is also a great way to boost safety around your property and to show off focal points on your home’s exterior.

Contact Onyx Landscape for a free quote and discover how outdoor lighting can transform your property in the Greater Portland area.